Weaver Green Maxime Tablecloth - All

These tablecloths are designed to mimic the elegant feel of French linen, but with a unique twist. Say goodbye to traditional fabric tablecloths; these substitutes are light, easy to clean, and resistant to stains, not to mention they're made entirely from recycled plastic bottles!

Available in a range of colour combinations including natural linen, grey and blue, these machine washable tablecloths are immune to slips and spills - even red wine will clean right off. Use them in kitchens and dining rooms or as outdoor tablecloths on terraces, balconies and gardens.

180 x 320cm 

A few words on care and use from Weaver Green - 


Our Maxime Tablecloths can be washed either by hand with a light detergent, or pop them in the washing machine on a 30-40 degree cycle using non-biological washing detergent.

Allow to air dry naturally. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.


While the majority of our products are fully machine washable, we urge you to only do so when they really need it. This small step will significantly reduce the impact of microfibre shedding and prolong the life of your products. 


Our recycled plastic yarn is designed to look and feel every bit as soft and luxurious as French linen. That means some pilling may occur over time.

As with all products that pill after use, we recommend using a pilling comb or fabric trimmer as and where needed.

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