Tower 4.3Ltr Digital Air Fryer

The Tower Digital Air Fryer has rapid air circulation with requires little or no oil while keeping the same great taste!

The vortex technology creates rapid air circulation giving crispier textures across your mealtime favourites, 30% faster than a conventional oven. This Tower Air Frying also has a 60 minute times and 4.3l capacity, perfect for 1-2 portions.

This Air Fryer cooks food 30% faster, Tower Air Fryer Ovens use less power than conventional ovens. Save up to 50% on your energy by simply switching to Air Fryer cooking with savings of 51p per day. You can cook deliciously-crisp and golden chips in only 15 minutes, for quick and easy meal times

Don't forget you can fry, roast, grill and bake functions add more variety to your mealtimes, allowing you to cook crispy tender chicken, healthy grilled vegetables and more

Choose from 8 pre-set menus to start cooking your food at the touch of a button. Alternatively, easily adjust the 60-minute time and temperature settings using the digital display for more hands-on cooking

1500 w - 4.3litre capacity with 3.2litre capacity basket - LCD digital display -  60 minute timer -temperature control 80 - 200 degrees.

3 YEAR GUARANTEE (Trusted Tower quality with a standard 1 year guarantee and 2 year extension, subject to product registration online)


A few words from Tower - 

This 4.3 litre Tower air fryer is the perfect kitchen companion for those looking for a fast and convenient alternative to conventional family cooking. Featuring advanced Vortx technology, all you need is a minimal amount of oil, and the hot air rapidly circulates evenly around the air fryer, ensuring your ingredients are cooked thoroughly with a nice crispy texture, all while having 99% less fat for more healthier cooking. By switching to your air fryer oven, you can slash your energy by 50% energy as it uses less power than an conventional oven.

Multi-functional in its design, this health fryer lets you fry, grill, bake and roast, so you can make a wide range of dishes, such as chicken, vegetables, pizza, chips and even cake, which is perfect for those busier households. You can find a number of air fryer recipes in the manual, giving you a simple breakdown of how to make things like homemade chips, as well as a list of temperatures required for a range of dishes. A 60-minute timer lets you quickly schedule the cooking cycle of your air fryer oven, so your food is ready for all the family in no time. Featuring digital controls, you can easily adjust the timer and temperature between 80 and 200°C. There are a variety of accessories available for this air fryer, including skewers, pizza and cake pan. The basket can be removed, making it easier to wash up the excess mess, leaving you more time to relax in the evening.

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