Smeg 4 Slot Toaster - All Sizes

The cool 50's vibe from the Smeg kitchen range is definitely has style and substance! This toaster comes in a 2 slot or 4 slot option. Whichever size you go for they both have extra wide slots for extra thick, fluffy bread. With 6 settings for your perfect toast, everyone in the house will be happy. 

You also have a bagel setting which only heats the middle elements for an even toast on just one side - this is also great for toasted tea cakes! Defrost function, this allows you to toast bread straight from the freezer. Cancel, for those rushed morning when you didn't quite realise the time! Reheat, to warm your perfect cooked toast through when you have forgotten. The removable crumb trays catch all those little bits at the bottom to stop. 

Which will you choose? Available in Cream, Black, White, Red, Pastel Blue, Mint Green, Pink, Chrome and Rose Gold.

2 year guarantee. 

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