Dexam 14cm Beech Scoop

Designed to put a factory sharp, 15 degree precision edge on all contemporary Asian style knives, Chinese style cleavers and the thinner, traditional single-bevel Japanese blades, as well as on contemporary 15 degree European/American style knives.

  • Suitable for 15 degree steel knives single or double-faceted blades
  • 2 stage sharpening with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Thin, razor sharp edges for effortless food preparation
  • Resharpen with ultra-fine diamonds so knives last longer

Stage 1 - use fine 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen
Stage 2 - use ultra fine abrasives for re-sharpening and honing for a razor sharp edge, removing only micro amounts of steel immediately adjacent to the edge - allowing you to resharpen often without any concern for the life of your knife

Because only fine and ultra fine diamonds are used in this sharpener, it is not designed to sharpen very thick knives such as some Deba type knives, thick sporting knives, heavier European chef knives, European cleavers and some of the thicker sashimi blades. These thicker knives can be sharpened in other Chef’sChoice sharpeners such as Models 120 and Commercial 2000.

Length: 21cm
Width: 10.5cm
Height/Depth: 10.5cm

Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

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