Natural Life Floor Cleaning Set

Keeping on top of the cleaning and be a hardship but when you have beautiful and natural cleaning equipment it makes the jobs much more enjoyable. This handy set has a hardy scrubbing brush and hand held dustpan and brush which is perfect for sweeping crumbs from the floor but is also a great size to use on the table table or worktop. Both brushes are made from sustainably sourced beech wood, giving it a smooth finish and the turned handle is a joy to hold! The brush is made with horsehair which is ideal for removing dust and dust. The durable nature of these materials give a long lasting, all natural product for your home.

The brush is teamed with a strong metal pan that withstands any cleaning mishaps and adds a stylish touch to your cleaning essentials

When you buy this floor cleaning set you contribute to the re-planting of forests – which means doing your bit for the planet from the comfort of your own home, 2% of profits go to Weforest (Contribution through Tower).

This set is 100% plastic-free including its packaging which is made from recycled material - an all-round environmentally friendly product.

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