LSA Cask Whisky Set

With a contemporary mouth-blown whisky tumblers and an oblong-shaped decanter it's easy to see why this LSA Cask Whisky set is a winner of a GOOD DESIGN Award.

This set contemporary set comprising a decanter and two tumblers. The decanter is mouth blown by skilled artisans to create a straight-sided shape, oblong in cross section, with its corresponding rectangular stopper ground by hand for a perfect fit making a each one unique  The mouth-blown tumblers have a cube-shaped impression in the heavy base, reminiscent of a large ice cube, to complement the geometric shape of the decanter.

Decanter capacity 1L, Height: 22.5cm, Width: 14.5cm
Tumbler Capacity: 240ml, Height: 8.5cm, Width: 8.5cm

Gift boxed for easy gifting.
Hand wash the glass in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

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