Le Creuset T.N.S Deep Sauteuse - All Sizes

Tough but light, the Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick range has a 6-layer construction, so its incredibly heat efficient whilst being light enough for every day use. It's suitable for all hob types including induction, so start your casserole, stew or Bolognese off on the hob to caramelise and seal before adding in liquids and sauces and slow cooking in the oven (safe up to 260°C without the lid and 220°C with the lid). The T.N.S Deep Sauteuse is also great for pies, crumbles and pasta bakes. 

Available in 24cm, 28cm and 30cm.

Covered by the Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Lifetime Guarantee (excluding glass lid)

Care and Use

To protect your pans we recommend using Le Creuset Silicone Tools. You can also use wooden or heat resistant plastic tools. Metal tools, spoons or balloon whisks may be used with care, but should not be used harshly or scraped over the non stick surface. Do not knock these on the top rim of the pan. Knives, or utensils with sharp edges, should never be used to cut foods on the non-stick surface. Hand held electric or battery operated beaters or blenders should not be used on the non stick surface. Score marks or severe scratching by heavy use of metal utensils is not covered by the guarantee. Such damage is permanent and will result in the reduction of the non-stick release performance.

Read more about the Le Creuset Guarantee and  Care & Use guidelines here.

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