KitchenAid 4L Food Processor - All Colours

The KitchenAid 4 litre Food Processor oozes with the KitchenAid's ciconic style! Not only does it look rather fabulous it is also a hard working piece of kitchen equipment you won't want to be without!

Features of the KitchenAid 4L Food Processor-

  • Adjustable slicing disc with external lever. This is particularly clever because you have one disc with multiple thickness options, that you control from the outside of the machine so no need to remove while working!
  • 3-in-1 ultrawide mouth feed tube. Fits all sizes of foods for both horizontal and vertical slicing.
  • Uniquely-designed sharp blades and two optimized low and high speeds. This allows for precise and accurate slicing of both soft and hard foods.
  • Slip resistant base and comfortable side handle. The BPA-free bowl is durable and clear to you can keep an eye on what's going on in that magical bowl!
  • Set of 3 bowls - 4litre work bowl, 2.4l prep bowl and 1l mini bowl allowing for processing of large and small quantities.
  • Lid and blades have an ultra tight silicone seal to help prevent mess and ensures no spills or leakage while processing.
  • The reversible shredding disc is perfect to making slaw and grating cheese.
  • Parmesan/ice shaving disc.
  • french fry cutting blade.
  • Citrus press
  • 3 Blades - Large and Small Stainless steel chopping blades and a dough blade. Use the stainless blades for batters and cake mixture.
  • Egg whip for whisking up cream and egg whites. Just remove the inner feed tube to encourage air flow.
  • Dicing kit for consistently diced vegetables. (Honestly its amazing!)
  • Spatula for cleaning out the bowl
  • A case to keep all your accessories in!

12 year motor guarantee and 3 years on all working parts.

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