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Dualit Hand Blender Set

Ergonomic and easy, the Dualit Stick blender is a brilliant blender and the accessories make it in to piece of equipment you won't want to be without in the kitchen. The 700W motor powers the 6-pronged blade, the internal fins force the ingredients in the blade to create a super smooth and consistent mix, whether is it soups, smoothies, batters or just a puree. 

The stock blender can be used in any pan, stockpot or mixing bowl but it comes with a tall beaker that it great for blending any smaller amounts. 

The top half of the motor fits straight in to the top on the chopping bowl, blitz up pesto's, sauces, purees and dips in seconds. It is a great tool for every day jobs like chopping an onion or mincing garlic and you only have the pot to wash up! The staggered blades helps process ingredients quickly and you'll be surprised how much you can fit in to this little chopper. The feed tube on the side means you don't have to stop and take the lid off to add more in!

Lastly the balloon whisk, clicks straight on to the motor with one easy motion. Its there for you too add air in to add mixture. Cream, egg white and cake battered will be doddle with this whisk and you can take complete control with the speed setting.

Comes with a 1 year guarantee but this clever blender is repairable if it needs a little love once the guarantee is up! 


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