Cuisinart Veloce Coffee Machine

Experience coffee shop quality without the hassle of grinding, tamping, frothing and cleaning with the Cuisinart Veloce Espresso Machine. Simply add your milk, water and favourite beans, and watch as the machine automatically grinds and extracts your coffee whilst adding the perfect blend of steamed and frothed milk, all in one automatic cycle.

Use the clever and intuitive touch screen display to follow simple instructions to select your choice of drink from espresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino, hot milk or hot water. Use the easy pre-sets to make your drink at the touch of a button or if you prefer, you can adjust the strength, length, temperature and the ratio of coffee, steamed milk and frothed milk for your own personalised drink. This means you can easily make your own combinations for flat white, latte macchiato and hot chocolate.

This ultra-compact machine won’t take up unnecessary space on your worktop, measuring just 20cm wide and 40cm deep (excluding the milk container). The built in burr grinder automatically takes beans from the container and grinds them for your coffee. The Veloce also allows you to use pre-ground coffee if you prefer, making it great if you want to use different blends such as decaffeinated without emptying the bean container.

The separate milk container can be used with the built in ice pack or removed and stored in the fridge door. When connected, milk is automatically drawn into the machine and heated, steamed or frothed depending on your chosen drink. It can be used with speciality milks such as almond milk and soya milk, although frothing results will vary depending on the type of milk used.

Once you have created your perfect drink, you can easily save it to the 4 person memory. You can also adjust and save the default settings if you prefer. The machine is also able to make two identical drinks at a time, making it quicker to delight dinner guests, and speed up any morning routine. For Americano, it can also make a carafe.

The LCD screen uses picture instructions to help guide you through the simple cleaning process. The machine runs automatic cleaning cycles each time it is switched on and after preparing all drinks containing milk. The machine will prompt and take you through the simple steps to perform deeper cleaning when needed such as descaling and deep cleaning of the milk system. All parts are easily accessible from the front of the machine and all parts in contact with milk can be easily removed for cleaning and total peace of mind. There is even a handy cleaning guide tucked away behind the drip tray.

9-13 bar pressure.

3 year guarantee.

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