Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro 3.3L Food Processor

Experience ultimate convenience and precision with the Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro Food Processor. This top-of-the-range appliance comes with a wide range of versatile accessories for all kinds of food preparation. With the Expert Prep Pro, you can quickly and accurately slice, dice, grate, mix, and dough with a 3L capacity bowl and a fully sealed inner bowl for smaller tasks. Enjoy perfect results with the Cuisinart Promotion Stainless Food Processor.


  • High grade stainless steel blade and powerful motor for effortless performance and even results
  • 550W AC motor
  • 2 bowls in 2 different sizes
  • Small bowl capacity 0.95L
  • Large bowl capacity 3L
  • Small bowl is sealed – nothing from the small bowl drops into the large bowl beneath
  • Small chopping/mixing blade for the small bowl
  • Large chopping/mixing blade for the large bowl
  • Dough blade for the large bowl
  • 7 position slicing disc for 1-7mm slices
  • Reversible grating disc for fine or medium grating
  • Dicing kit for perfect 1cm dicing results - includes cleaning tool
  • Spiralizing kit for spaghetti or ribbons
  • Storage cases for blades, discs and dicing kit Large and small feed tubes
  • Silicone feet stop the processor from moving around the worktop, even when mixing heavier ingredients like dough
  • High and low speed settings plus pulse for total control over the consistency of your recipe
  • Dishwasher safe bowls, blades and discs
  • 5 year guarantee

Kit in the box-

  • Small bowl
  • Large bowl
  • Small chopping/mixing blade
  • Large chopping/mixing blade
  • Dough blade
  • Stem adaptor
  • Reversible grating disc
  • 7 position slicing disc
  • Blade/disc storage case
  • Spiralzing kit
  • Dicing kit with storage case
  • Dicing kit cleaning tool
  • Spatula

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