Just how handy is a Magimix Food Processor?

March 04, 2020

Just how handy is a Magimix Food Processor?

We are big fans of the Magimix Food Processor Cuisine System range. Regarded as the original food processor, Magimix’s history dates back to 1963, when they released their first commercial food processor! The company’s French roots, and heritage is very important to the brand, as they lead the industry with appliances which are “Built Better to Last Longer”.

Magimix are leading the market with processors holding a 30 year Motor guarantee and 3 year parts guarantee! The Magimix bowls are made of a super flexible plastic, for durability. All parts and bowls are dishwasher safe for convenience too. The brand’s 3 bowl processor has been designed to allow multiple kitchen tasks to be completed in succession. Every aspect of the processor has been considered and designed with the consumer in mind.

Magimix Processors are available in a number of capacity sizes ranging from the 3200XL up to the 5200XL, perfect for small families all the way up to professional use. We put the 4200XL (in metallic Satin) to the test to see just how much easier it makes some of the most laborious and boring prep tasks in the kitchen. Let’s see how it fares…


Grating Carrots

Avoid the danger to your fingertips of your typical grater with the Magimix, let the machine do the hardwork for you! The Magimix comes with a whole host of accessories as standard, including two different thickness grating discs for your grating and shredding needs. Not only is the result much finer than your average grater, making it perfect for tasty salads or other accompaniments, it’s done in a fraction of the time. A matter of seconds: Fit the grating blade, then simply pop your carrots into the feed tube, start the machine on Auto mode and apply some pressure down onto the feed tube. Easy! Shredded Carrots ready for Coleslaw, Salads and Sides in a flash.

The grating discs can be used for a variety of foods too, not just vegetables.


Slicing Potatoes

We love Dauphinoise Potatoes, but getting the ideal and consistent thickness when slicing your potatoes by hand can be a nightmare. Let the Magimix take the stress out of it for you; again, you get two different slicing discs included with the machine. Using the machine for slicing is a breeze, remove the inner feed tube to accommodate the larger potatoes and start the machine on Auto mode, use the feed tube to push the vegetables onto the slicing disc, and voila! Perfect and consistently sliced potatoes in no time at all.

You can use the slicing disc for all kinds of food, not just vegetables, give it a try with different Cheeses and Meats too, and you will see the superior results.


Chopping Red Onion

Blitzing Red Onion can be a chore and a challenge especially when you need it fine enough for salsa or other dips. We recommend using the pulse setting on the machine for this one, with the Mini (smallest) bowl in place. Cut your Onion into quarters and place it in the machine, fit the lid and pulse until you get the right size pieces.

It couldn’t be easier! What’s more, the other two bowls are good to go without needs to give anything a wash over, save the washing up until later!

Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes can be a messy and risky business with a blunt knife or squishy tomato. Fit one of the slicing discs, depending on the thickness that you want, and use the smallest feed tube to push down. Great quality slices of tomato in no time.

Whipping Cream

Whipping Cream or Egg Whites, is one of the easiest and my favourite task to do in the Magimix. Fit the Egg Whisk to the main bowl, and remove the smallest feed tube (to allow air into the mixture), engage the Auto function and leave it to do it’s thing. Check back in a couple of minutes and you will find perfectly whipped Cream ready to be scooped out of the bowl.

The Magimix comes with a spatula suited to the shapes of the bowl included, making it even easier to scoop out the contents of your food processor quickly and efficiently.

Blitzing Biscuits for crumbs

When it comes to making a cheesecake, perfectly blitzed breadcrumbs is a must! Forget popping the digestives into a sandwich bag and grabbing your rolling pin, the Magimix will do it for you. Depending on the quantity of biscuits you’re doing either fit the Main or Mini blade and bowl, pop your biscuits in and pulse. Blitz to the consistency that you desire but be careful not to over-do it.

At Christmas we really loved the Mini Blade and Bowl for whizzing up small garnishes, dips and chopping nuts such as cashews and pistachios too!

Spiralizing Courgette

Whilst the Spiralizer attachment isn’t included with the Magimix machine (unless you opt for the 5200XL Premium model), it is definitely worth purchasing separately. The attachment gives you three spiralizing heads, perfect for making Courgetti Spaghetti, and pasta shapes too! It couldn’t be easier to get spiralizing, just fit the head as you would a slicing or grating blade onto the machine, and watch your vegetables be turned into funky food shapes before your eyes.

We particularly love the Courgetti Spaghetti that we’re able to make, but also ideal for making vegetable fusilli too!


The Final Results…

It’s passed! Having the Magimix is like having a sous-chef, all ready to go on the side. The Magimix just makes the laborious kitchen tasks so much quicker and easier! What we particularly love about the XL processor range is that a whole host of accessories are included along with three different sized bowls, just to make life easier. Available in five colourways, there’s a colour to suit every kitchen.


The accessories in the box include –

  • Main Blade
  • Mini Blade
  • Dough Blade
  • X2 Grating Blade
  • X2 Slicing Blade
  • Egg Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Magimix Cookbook
  • Accessories Storage Box
  • BlendMix


There’s certainly plenty in the box to play with when you first unbox your machine! Click here to view our range of Magimix

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