Cosying up with your favourite Emma Bridgewater mug…

February 13, 2020

Cosying up with your favourite Emma Bridgewater mug…

Storm Ciara was truly blowing a gale outside earlier this week, but there’s something about drinking your favourite brew from one of the Emma Bridgewater Half Pint Mugs that just makes you feel all cosy and makes everything feel better. Rubbish day? Rubbish weather? Feel your daily misfortunes fade away when you’re enjoying a delicious drink from your favourite mug. We all deserve a bit of loveliness after a stressful day, and Emma Bridgewater certainly delivers!

Emma Bridgewater pottery is special, hand-made and hand-sponged with care at the factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Every single mug, bowl, jug, and plate holds our personal stories and evokes thoughts of fond memories. Originally inspired to design a personal birthday gift for her own mother, the Emma Bridgewater brand has evolved into a household name. Despite her success over the last three decades, Emma has always remained true to the spirit of her original inspiration when designing new pieces and patterns: the necessity of getting the thought and design absolutely right.

There will always be one favourite mug that you reach for first on the dresser or out of the cupboard. A mug which holds a special power, on days when you’re feeling glum, one slurp of your favourite drink, and all your worries settle – even if just for a brief spell.


To match or not to match?

There is an absolute abundance of designs for customers to enjoy and collect, but there is an age-old question that divides almost every pottery collector… should you limit your collection to just one pattern or design?

Emma’s original inspiration was based around the unmatching, clumsy array of pottery that would be found on a dresser in her mother’s North Oxford country home kitchen, so it seems fitting that some collectors decide to mix and match their collection.

Emma Bridgewater's core designs include Polka Dot, Rise & Shine, Black Toast, Blue Star and Pink Hearts, so there’s certainly plenty of choice when it comes to adding new pieces to your collection, but additionally, each spring and autumn new designs are released to complement existing collections and add limited edition pieces for eager shoppers.

On the other hand, however, some Emma Bridgewater collectors prefer to stick to one pattern or colour scheme when adding pieces to their collection. Perfectly suited for hosting dinner parties, and impressing guests with a flawlessly symmetrical display, this approach has its appeal too.

When it comes to which style you’d pick, it’s completely a matter of personal preference – but let us know what your feelings are in the comments below! Whether you have one mug or a whole collection, there is just something about Emma Bridgewater pottery that makes every day that little bit nicer. We love seeing photos of the dressers and other displays our creative customers create with their Bridgewater pottery and accessories, so definitely show us a picture next time you’re in!


 It’s not just pottery…

Emma Bridgewater’s designs are so popular, that a whole range of home accessories have been produced in the same patterns to complement the pottery products. These accessories include Kettles, Toasters, Trays, Tea Towels, Oven Gloves, Aprons, Melamine Dinnerware, Fabrics and Cushions and other items too! Perfect for any enthusiast!

Emma’s philosophy resonates through every design that she produces, and personally approves. Product photography even takes place at the Bridgewaters’ Farmhouse home in Oxfordshire, to give the designs a truly authentic and countryside vibe.


Which design is your favourite?

From the classically neutral Polka-dot, to the elegantly delicate nature of Pink Hearts, and the naturalistic flights of the Bird designs, and many more intricate patterns too, there really is an Emma Bridgewater piece for everyone.

My favourite is the  Roosting Pheasants mug in the photo below, but there are so many lovely designs to choose from, which one will catch your eye the next time you shop in one of our branches?

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