Beautiful New Products from St. Eval

May 05, 2020

Beautiful New Products from St. Eval

We are very excited to announce the new range of scents and products from the St. Eval Candle Company. Nestled on a working farm in North Cornwall, St Eval Candle Company was born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farmhouse kitchen.

Their waxes are a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes, blended together to achieve a mix that gives a superior performance, stability and reliability, and most importantly a delicious scent. Principally, their waxes do not contain any animal products. Candles are hand-poured from their unique blend of wax and fragrance into pots, tins and tealights of all shapes and sizes. Every item is made with care, with the customer’s experience being the absolute top priority.

Where will I find them?

We are eagerly awaiting our deliveries; we can’t wait to unpack them and get them out on our shelves for our lovely customers. These new ranges will soon be available alongside our existing selections in our Rugby, Banbury and Northampton Cookshops, as well as our sister store, The Garden Room, at the Heart of the Shires Shopping Village. Call or email your local branch to check stock, order and reserve items; our helpful team will be happy to help – check their details here.

Prefer a bit on online retail therapy? We stock a brilliant range of the St. Eval Candle Company’s candles, diffusers, tealights and room sprays on our website here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters too, to be the first to hear about our great new ranges arriving daily. Click here to view our online range.


Earth & Sky Collection

Inspired by the peaceful, grounding and balancing elements of earth and sky; this collection is home to your favourite St. Eval scents. Discover the new designs, in herbal Bay & Rosemary, soothing Tranquillity and uplifting Bergamot & Nettle.

This new range extrapolates the essence of St. Eval and brings it to life with these signature scents, in the newly designed pots.


Secret Garden Collection


Immerse yourself in fresh, inviting fragrances inspired by our gardens and the beauty of nature. These pots complement the home with a natural, uncluttered feel and are filled with three aromatic delights; herbal Bay & Rosemary, fruity Grapefruit & Lime and the crisp new scent, Cucumber & Black Pepper.

Perfectly neutral, this new range works perfectly as a gift for that choosy person that you never know what to buy for!


Coastal Collection


Drawing inspiration from the rugged North Cornish coast, this collection will transport you to your favourite Cornish beach. Breathing in the fresh sea air, with your toes in the sand, discover three revitalising fragrances reflective of the healing and therapeutic properties of the sea; Samphire & Sage, Sea Mist and Sea Salt.

This new range featuring the ombre-style pot is especially ideal for any chalk-painted surroundings or outdoor seating areas. We are excited to experience the new scent of Samphire & Sage, a perfect combination!


Sustainability is key…

We are committed to stocking sustainable products from reputable and innovation-leading suppliers, and we have stocked St. Eval Candle Co. for many years. We love their approach to their environment impact and sustainable production.

St. Eval Candle Company has a key focus on sustainability and ensuring their environmental impact is minimised. The company erected the UK's quietest Wind Turbine on their farm in 2011, and to follow up in 2013 the workshop roof was decked in Photo Voltaic Panels to produce electricity.  In 2015, they also had a new Bio Mass Boiler installed. Through each of these installations they are able to produce enough energy to power our workshop, including keeping the wax tanks at the perfect temperature for making their candles. Amazingly, the company are now close to their goal of becoming carbon neutral.

The company’s commitment to the environment is unrivalled in the Candle industry, and recycling is a key aspect of their philosophy. The company achieves this by -

  • re-using old packaging
  • sourcing environmentally friendly paper for labels (FSC Certified)
  • reducing plastic use across the company and re-designing collections to minimise plastic and non-recyclable plastics.

Despite their growth, St. Eval Candle Company have always maintained their core emphasis on being environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are proud to stock their products, and love to see our customers purchasing them.

If you would like to know more about the St. Eval Candle Company, and their processes, check out the video below -

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