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Chef's Choice Three Stage Electric Knife Sharpener Model 110

Looking to create professionally sharpened knives at home? The Chef's Choice Three Stage Electric Sharpener Model 110 has a 3 stage patented process; pre-sharpening, sharpening and honing from Bolster to tip. 

The magnetic precision angle guides hold your blade at the correct angle for sharpening against the 100% diamond abrasives to create a razor sharp edge. This domestic, electric knife sharpener is angled to sharpen European and Western Knifes, check with the manufacturer if you aren't sure and will easily sharpen all good quality knives.

Recommended for household knives, pocket or sporting knives and heavily worked knives.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your knives or sharpening if you have any queries! or call in to your local branch.

L -22cm W- 9cm H- 11cm

2 year warranty. Made in America.

Will not sharpen a ceramic or serrated knives. 

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