Smidge Vegan Wax Wrap Kitchen Set

Smidge Vegan Wax Wrap is made from 100% natural ingredient that are organic and vegan friendly. Candelilla wax from trees, soy, Jojoba oil and pine resin plus the patterns are printed with soy ink. It's the perfect alternative bees wax wrap and a great way to cut down on single use plastics at home. The wax is naturally anti-bacterial which allows it to be used time and time again, simply warm with your hands to create the perfect seal over bowls or wrap around vegetables and bread. This wax wrap can be refreshed using the Smidge Vegan Wax Refresh Bar, making it last even longer. 

These product will last a long time if cared for but if you do need to dispose of it then just cut up in to strips and put them in your compost bin.

The Smidge Vegan Kitchen Set has three wax wraps -

  • 1 piece  - 40cm x 40cm
  • 2 pieces - 30cm x 30cm

Wax wrap is not suitable for direct contact with any meat or fish. After each use wash with cool water and allow to dry before using.

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