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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Satin Black Wok

The Le Creuset 36cm Wok is beautifully designed, it has black enamel on the interior, giving you higher cooking temperatures to quickly stir fry, keeping meat tender and vegetables crunchy . Always heat up slowly and keep to a low to medium heat, once cast iron gets hot it stays hot. The Satin Black Enamel makes it easy to clean, the enameling extends to the base making it smooth and suitable for all hob types including induction.

Comes with a 36cm glass lid and is dishwasher safe.

Lifetime guarantee.

Here are a few tips for cooking with cast iron - 

Cast iron heats up evenly across the base and sides of the pan, so keep your heat low and heat through slowly (low-medium heat) when heated to the desired temperature turn your heat down and the pan will retain the heat. If you find food begins to the stick to the base when frying then remove from the heat source for a minute, reduce the heat and then pop back on the hob.

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