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Kenwood kMix Black Stand Mixer

Included with the kMix Stand Mixer is a full non-stick, easy cleaning baking/pastry kit including:-

K-beater, shaped perfectly to reach every area of the generous 5L bowl, ideal for mixing dry ingredients and crushing biscuits for cheesecake bases.

Balloon whisk, designed to trap air easily while whisking to add maximum volume to the ingredients, ideal for Meringues or simply whipping cream. It is also fantastic for light and fluffy flawless cakes

Dough hook, formed to take the hard work out of kneading bread, fantastic for tough white breads such as brioche, stolen and pizza bases.

Creaming beater, ideal for scraping the surface of the bowl like a spatula providing a smooth consistent texture, perfect for creaming flour, butter and sugar.

To ensure baking perfection, the kMix also allows you to adjust the height of each individual baking/pastry tool to guarantee that every kind of mixture is fully combined from the base of the bowl, perfecting any recipe, avoiding you from having to manually scrap the bottom of the bowl yourself letting the kMix Stand Mixer do all the work!

kMix Standmixer Features:-

4 bowl tools: K Beater, Dough Hook, Whisk, Creaming Beater.

Non-splash, Electronic Speed Control

5L Glass Bowl

Unique folding function

Adaptable with attachments available to buy separately

Power: 500W

Dishwasher safe parts.

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