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Ham Pickles & Jam

A guide to rediscovering lost kitchen skills and getting the best out of your store cupboard or larder. Delicious recipes to make the most of seasonal ingredients and full of tips on how to store food properly. Many of us remember jams and chutneys mady by grandmothers and great aunts who also seemed to know exactly how long to boil a ham, how to keep butter, and who had a magical pantry full of secret delights. These skills are increasingly in demand as moe of us want to make use of home-grown produce, reduce the weekly food budget or rediscover cooking from scratch. A timely book for the new kitchen revolution, Ham Pickles and Jam is not only a celebration of lost skills such as curing, rendering and pickling and a fantastic collection of recipes, but also provides advice on stocking a pantry and storing cheese, cooked meats and vegetables. A great book for how we live today.

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