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Cuisinart Bread Maker

I think it's fair to say that not much beats the smell of freshly baked bread, can you imagine waking up in the morning to a loaf that has been working away through the night and you know exactly what has gone in to it?

The Cuisinart Bread Maker gives you total control so you can make the perfect loaf again and again. It has 12 pre-set programmes for bread, dough, cakes and comports (amazing huh?) and the custom setting means you can change everything from the knead time to the length it bakes for. It has 2 options for the sizes, small and large, and you can set how dark you want the crust. The window in the top means you can keep an eye on you loaf without opening the top and effecting the bake.

Although the dough setting sounds a little odd (why wouldn't you want it baked?) when you fancy trying your hand at a shaped loaf or a batch of rolls, the machine takes all the hard work out of making the dough. Also great for making pizza dough, just shape it, add your favourite toppings and bake.

It has a 13 hour delay timer so you can chose when the whole process starts, plus it has a keep warm function (for 1 hour) to keep the loaf just the right temperature to dig in to when finished. The fruit and nut dispenser adds the extras in at just the right time so it doesn't all sink to the bottom.

The element is concealed for easy cleaning and removable paddle gives the perfect loaf so no big whole in the bottom.

Its all covered by Cuisinart for 5 years! 

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