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Le Creuset Cook's Special 25cm Flint Grill

Cast iron really is an amazing material, its efficient and even heat retention is fantastic for slow cooking casseroles and stews but when used as a grill it sears your food immediately which retains the flavour and juices inside. The ridged based on this cast iron grill will help you achieve sear lines on everything from steak, peppers and halloumi. They also keep the food off the base of the pan allowing for quick cooking at high temperatures but on very little surface area to your food is easily released and allows the fats to drain in to the food of your pan. 

All of the Le Creuset cast iron grills and frying pans have a satin black interior which is a specialist enamel finish especially designed for high surface heat use and is idea for searing, browning and frying. It is very durable and will not peel or wear off at high temperatures. It is very hygienic and easy to clean and does not require any seasoning.  

Available in 5 gorgeous colours and has a lifetime guarantee. Limited stock available.

 Here are a few tips for cooking with cast iron - 

Cast iron heats up evenly across the base and sides of the pan, so keep your heat low and heat through slowly (low-medium heat) when heated to the desired temperature turn your heat down and the pan will retain the heat. Use an oil with a high smoke point and brush on to your food rather than adding it to the pan, this will stop the oil from smoking as the pan is being heated. When turning meat don't be tempted to move it too soon, if it sticks then it hasn't sealed yet so leave it for a minute, it should release cleanly and easily if sealed. 

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