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Pull Through Sharpeners

Robert Welch Hand Held Sharpener

Sharpen your knives with this Robert Welch 'pull through' knife sharpener. This sharpener has a solid plastic handle with weighted non-slip base. The clear plastic guard protects the ceramic wheels,...

Chefs Choice Angle Select

This manual knife sharpener is suitable for all types of Western and Asian blades plus serrated blades. It is a 3 stage sharpener with 100% diamond abrasives. Comes boxed.

Chefs Choice Multi Edge Sharpener

This knife sharpener puts an excellent, longer lasting edge on both straight edge and serrated blades. It has precision sharpening angle guides, is a two stage knife sharpener and can be used by both ...

Chefs Choice Two Stage Sharpener

This black knife sharpener has100% diamond abrasives & precision angle guides. It offers two stage sharpening. It is perfect for the kitchen, tackle or toolbox.

Furi Ozitech Diamond Sharpener

This Ozitech knife sharpener is a professional sharpening and honing tool. Its diamond fingers sharpens because the diamond coating removes some metal and lightly reshapes the edge. Faster, simpler,...

Kitchen Craft Ceramic Knife Sharpener

The perfect tool for maintaining sharp knives, the Master Class double slot draw through knife sharpener provides a pre-set angle for the perfect edge and fast speed. The crossed ceramics are designed...

Kitchen Craft Hand Held Sharpener

Featuring ultra hard sharpening wheels to quickly and easily sharpen knives, pen-knives and scissors.

Chefs Choice Compact Sharpener

This manual two stage knife sharpener has a precision guide and 100% diamond abrasives.

Kitchen Craft Whetstone

This Master Class sharpening stone features a two piece precision sharpening 400/1000 combination grit for enhanced performance. The firm but porous structure of the stone continuously releases small ...

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