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Confectionery Thermometers

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Cooking Thermometer

This stainless steel cooking thermometer is perfect for measuring exact setting points of jams, sugars and deep frying temperatures. Reads from 60°C to 200°C with clearly marked cooking temperature ...

Kitchen Craft Easy Read Cooking Thermometer

Easy to read cooking thermometer ideal for measuring setting temperatures for jams, sugar and deep fat frying. Features an adjustable pan clip for resting on the side of pans to measure the temperatur...

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Infa Red Thermometer

A clever little gadget which measures liquid and surface temperatures with no contact. Using an infrared beam and activated simply at the touch of a button to give a digital read out on the LCD displa...

Chocolate Tempering Thermometer

This tempering thermometer is perfect for when you want to achieve professional quality chocolates at home. When chocolate is melted and cooled it can crystallize into several different forms. Tempe...

Kilner Thermometer

This Kilner thermometer detects the correct setting point temperature, enabling successful preserving. Featuring a clear and easy to read dial face which measures the temperature from 40°C to 140°C....

Salter Confectionery Thermometer

This thermometer shows optimum temperature for preparing confectionary. The adjusted silicone coated clip attaches to jugs, pans and containers. It has a 140mm stem that will reach into most pans. ...

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