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Emma Bridgewater Nasturtium Half Pint Mug

With their glorious petals, you can’t help but feel bright and optimistic after sipping from this mug.

Emma Bridgewater Flowers Tiny Tins

Emma Bridgewater Flowers Tiny Tins would make a fantastic gift, available in Auricula, Snowdrop, Bluebell, Camellia, Poppy and Daffodil.

Emma Bridgewater Pelargonium Half Pint Mug

Bring bright sunshine into your kitchen each time you pick up this mug with its gorgeous springtime blooms.

Emma Bridgewater Dahlia Mug

The Dahlia plant is about 1 metre tall and flowers from June until September. They come in different colours: reds & purples, yellows & oranges, as well as paler shades. The half pint mug is the perf...

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Emma Bridgewater BoxedTulip Half Pint Mugs

Tulips are among the cheeriest flowers in the garden. These delightful mugs will brighten up your day.

Emma Bridgewater Old Rose Half Pint Mug

This delightful mug conjures up images of weddings, summer parties and beautiful English country gardens.