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Emma Bridgewater Hamburgh Red Hen Half Pint Mug

Hamburgh hens originated in Germany and Holland in the 1700s, their eggs are rather small with white glossy shells. This half pint mug would make a wonderful present for anyone who likes hens or owns...

Emma Bridgewater Wyandotte Half Pint Mug

The Wyandotte is a breed of chicken originating from the United States. The Wyandotte lays pale brown or tan eggs and usually has a white ring of feathers around its neck. This half pint mug would...

Emma Bridgewater Garden Birds Tea Towel

If you think you spot one of these birds in your garden, you can quickly grab the tea towel to check out exactly which one it is.

Emma Bridgewater Pheasant Half Pint Mug

Was £19.99

Now £16.99

This Pheasant shows off his brilliant plumage in a beautifully detailed drawing by Matthew Rice.

Emma Bridgewater Garden Birds Half Pint Mug

This birds half pint mug would make a lovely present for a keen gardener who enjoys spotting feathered friends.

Emma Bridgewater Garden Birds 1 Pint Mug

Sit back and enjoy a coffee in the garden while you look out for birds from your new favourite mug.

Emma Bridgewater Grey Partridge Mug

Was £19.99

Now £16.99

With its distinctive plume of striped feathers, bring the feel of the British countryside to your kitchen table with this Partridge mug.

Emma Bridgewater Greylag Goose

Was £19.99

Now £16.99

Goosey goosey gander, please wander over to the dresser and take pride of place with your swanky air and cheeky ways!

Emma Bridgewater Birds Tiny Tins

Was £2.50

Now £2.13

Emma Bridgewater Birds Tiny Tins would make a fantastic gift. They are available in Mallard, Snipe, Blue Tit, Robin, Partridge and Pheasant.

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