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Icing Nozzles

Plastic Icing Coupler

Plastic icing coupler for use with small icing nozzles and an icing bag. Securely holds the icing nozzle in place while you ice. Dishwasher safe. 2.5cm dia (bag end).

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Kitchen Craft Set of 8 Plastic Nozzels

Ideal for icing or piping cream and mashed potato, this versatile piping set includes a traditional plastic lined washable cotton piping bag and eight plastic nozzles. Simple to use, just screw on the...

Eight Piece Icing Set

A great starter kit for icing cakes and biscuits. This icing set contains 1 reusable 25cm icing bag, the plastic coupler to hold the nozzles in place and 6 stainless steel nozzles. Basic instructions ...

KitchenCraft Fine Icing Bottles

This set of two easy squeeze icing tubes features fine nozzles to add a decoartive touch to your homemade cakes and deserts. Includes screw caps for icing storage. Part of Sweetly Does It, our extens...

Plastic Food Nozzle Set

A set of three durable plastic food piping nozzles. Can be used with heavy duty meringue and food piping bags. Perfect for piping potato puree, meringue, and desserts to create a professional finish. ...

Kitchen Craft 30cm Icing Bag

Easily apply icing, cream, mashed potatoes and chocolate using the Master Class Professional Icing and Piping Bag. With a durable 100% cotton outer, and washable interior lining, the bag can simply be...

Stainless Icing Set With 5 Nozzles

Use this icing set to make perfectly decorated cakes, comes with a syringe and 5 different shaped nozzles. Dishwasher safe.

Starter Nozzle Set

This set contains 6 of the most popular, easy to use icing nozzle shapes and a plastic coupler. The stainless steel nozzles are the following shapes - No.2 - writer, No.27 - closed star, No.30 - dr...

Kitchen Craft 6 Nozzel Icing Set

Sweetly Does It easy to use traditional icing syringe for decorating all types of cakes and biscuits. Includes six stainless steel nozzles for creating a variety of different patterns on your deliciou...

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