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Grills, Frying Pans & Roasters

Le Creuset Volcanic 26cm Frying Pan

Was £138.99

Now £111.19

This frying pan is perfect for sautéing vegetables, frying fish or grilling meat. Cast iron enhances the cooking process by evenly distributing heat and sealing the outside of your food very quickly ...

Le Creuset 26cm Volcanic  Grill Pan

Was £109.99

Now £87.99

As cast iron can reach high heat on a low to medium setting, you can seal your food quickly and lock in the moisture, nutrients and flavours, producing succulent tasty meals. It is a very healthy way ...

Le Creuset Volcanic Rectangular Grill

Was £109.99

Now £87.99

This rectangular grill is ideal for lower fat cooking, makes delicious seared flavoured meat. In Le Creuset signature Volcanic colour on the outside but with black enamel on the inside, so it gets tha...

Le Creuset Volcanic 33cm Cast Iron Roaster

Was £159.99

Now £127.99

The even heat distribution of this versatile enamelled Cast Iron Roaster makes it ideal for roasting meat and potatoes or cooking homemade lasagne and crumbles. When roasting meat, the dish can be pla...